Frequently Asked Questions


How Can I Find True Happiness?

This question has been frequently-asked for at least the past 10 to 20 years. True happiness cannot be found in material things. It cannot be found in a new car or a beautiful new home or in a pill or a bottle of booze or even some fine Purple Kush. True happiness is found when one looks deep inside oneself and discovers that happiness is only an illusion. Sort of.
Well, not really.


What Is The Meaning Of Life?

Another excellent and frequently-asked question. We here at 'Wide To Infinity' like to think that the true meaning of life is beyond our comprehension. That way, we don't waste a lot of time thinking about it. Instead, we spend our time coming up with strange stuff like Isolation Island, and The Mysterious VanderHawk.


What Is 'Isolation Island'?

Due to the overwhelming success of reality-based television shows such as Survivor, Big Brother, American Idol, and The Two Coreys,, we believe that the time has come for the internet to get involved. Therefore, Wide To Infinity is proud to be the home of the very first online reality series Isolation Island. Our contestants will be competing against each other, as well as against our Isolation Challenges for a grand prize of $250.


Who Is The Mysterious 'VanderHawk'?

Yet another excellent question. Is the mysterious VanderHawk a world-renowned hypnotherapist, dedicated to helping mankind overcome their pathetic problems by way of self-hypnosis? Does he truly have amazing gifts that allow him to analyze dreams? Or is he a goofball who likes to visit the world's largest golfball on his only vacation in over 12 years? Or is he all of the above? Perhaps it is up to you to decide.


What does the phrase 'Wide To Infinity' mean?

Basically, it's a phrase from the wonderful world of multi-level marketing. In most MLM, are encouraged to recruit more people into selling the same stupid crap that you got talked into buying. Some allow you to recruit a limited number of, recruits...into your 'first-level downline'. Some are unlimited. In those situations, it's stated that your first-level downline can be 'wide to infinity'.

However, we aren't interested in selling you any stupid crap here at Wide To Infinity. We only want to waste your time with the stupid crap we dream up.


How Is The Best Way To Experience This Site?

Personally, we prefer to have The Flaming Lips going in the headphones while we write this stuff. It is also highly suggested that you make sure your computer environment is free of germs and foul contaminates. We suggest using the fine cleaning products available from Amway to help make this possible.

Or, you can just accept the fact that nothing really happens if you don't experience this website.


I Can't Stop Sneezing. Could I Be Allergic To This Website?

Very, very few people are actually allergic to this website.


What Is The Square Root Of 121?

The answer is 11.

Enjoy Your Visit!


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