The Isolation Island Challenges:

The Wheel Of Extreme Dizziness

One by one, the contestants will be strapped to the rotating Wheel Of Extreme Dizziness for 24 hours. The only time they will be allowed off of the wheel is if they need to visit the rotating toilet.

Underwater Chicken-Eating Contest

The contestants will compete in an underwater chicken eating contest. The contestant who swallows the least amount of rancid seawater will be declared the winner.

'Avoid The Alligators' Log Roll

The contestants will be placed in alligator-infested waters, where they will compete by trying to out-spin each other on a log.
However, they were not told that alligators can jump up and get them at any time anyway.

Underwater Hide-And-Seek

One lucky contestant will be selected as the 'seeker', while the other contestants will be forced to 'hide' underwater in the pee pool. The seeker will have the option of looking for the other contestants or not.

'High' Tide

The contestants will be given LSD, blindfolded, and placed in a rat-infested rowboat, where they will attempt to row as far as they can into the ocean during high tide. The one with the fewest rat bites will be declared the winner of the rowing competition.

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